“I want to thank you for your help with our USS Basilone reunion. Touring the JP Kennedy was a real walk down memory lane. The Kennedy is the same class ship as the Basilone. In fact, there are many items on the Kennedy from the Basilone, including mess deck seating, almost all the bridge equipment, all engineering documentation and many other items. That made the visit even more special. Some parts of the Basilone live on…really nice. So thanks again. The entire crew and their guests had a great day.”





“We would like to thank you, your staff and volunteers for your support in making the Memorial service at the USS Wadleigh reunion a solemn and memorable event. Our crewmembers, especially our WWII veterans, along with their families, expressed nothing but praise and satisfaction for this Memorial service and the following luncheon.”





“Brian and the boys had a BALL! Everything was very well done-you guys should be very proud. I can’t imagine running an operation with that many little boys and things going so smoothly. The cake was beautiful. The team in the wardroom were outstanding, and the folks in the gift shop gave us some jumpers for the boys. Brian pronounced that this is the best birthday ever!”