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Don't be fooled by the small size of the H-6/Model 500 helicopter. In the scout role in Vietnam, OH-6As and their aircrew became legends for their high-risk work in the low-level environment. Wayne Mutza presents the small, dynamic helicopter's story in this well-written, superbly detailed, and lavishly illustrated volume. Much of the OH-6A's combat record in Vietnam is told in firsthand accounts. Mutza offers fascinating insight to the helicopter's controversial beginning, its development, and its service with the Army National Guard, the Army's flight demonstration team, worldwide operators, and law enforcement agencies. In addition, the reader is treated to an entire chapter devoted to the Little Birds of Special Operations. Also included are appendices with factual data, and more than sixty emblems. It's all here in this highly readable volume.

 |  over 300 color and b/w photos

Binding: Soft Cover

ISBN: 9780764323430

Loach! The story of the H-6/ Model 500 Helicopter

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