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Our Mission:

Battleship Cove is a non-profit war memorial and historic military museum with an emphasis on naval

heritage and a dedication to honoring the veterans who served in defense of our country. The organization

is a living exhibit platform with a strong educational emphasis and an outreach message. With a commitment

to providing an exciting, adventurous, and meaningful visitor experience, Battleship Cove provides

outstanding exhibits and educational content that is presented in a dynamic, innovative, and enlightening



Battleship Cove embraces the challenge of educating diverse audiences, especially the young, and

inspiring them to revere the ideals of sacrifice and patriotism as demonstrated by our veterans. The organization is recognized as an outstanding educational provider and repository

Who We Are:

The home to five National Historic Landmarks and Official Veteran Memorials on both state and national levels, Battleship Cove has been providing the preservation of both the military heritage of the New England region and that of the United States since 1965. A non-profit memorial and museum located in Fall River, Massachusetts, veterans, families, schools, Scouts, and interested visitors from around the world have walked the decks of these historic vessels and viewed the legendary aircraft on display.

Day visits, overnight camping experiences, and special events allow the public to immerse themselves in the exploration of the historic entities on exhibit and see for themselves the sacrifices made by both the military personnel who served on these amazing ships and aircraft and those who supported their construction and operation on the home front.

With battleship USS Massachusetts (BB-59), destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr (DD-850), submarine USS Lionfish (SS-298), and PT Boats 617 and 796, you will be sure to have an educational and memorable visit to "America's Fleet Museum".

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