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Exploring the ships and exhibits at Battleship Cove is a wonderful adventure.   Our ships that are National Historic Landmarks were built for defending the nation and not designed with visitors in mind.  As such, steep ladders, narrow passageways, small doors, and deck obstructions may be encountered on your journey though we have made some areas more visitor friendly.  


Here are some safety tips that sailors know when visiting a ship:

  1. Please do not run as there are many trip hazards.  

  2. Please wear proper footwear for walking around a steel ship.  Sandals, flip flops, and open toe shoes are not recommended.

  3. Please do not climb on guns, equipment, or items.

  4. Please do not attempt to enter any unauthorized spaces or areas closed off to the public.

  5. Please do not lean over the side of our ships or through the lifelines.

  6. Please do not attempt to operate any equipment or push buttons.

  7. Please be very careful walking on wet deck areas.

  8. Please watch your step and head when using the ship's ladders.

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