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North American T-28C Trojan:

In the late 1940s, the North American Company designed and built the T-28 Trojan in response to the United States Air Force's need for a new training plane.

The T-28 was a replacement for the T-6/SNJ which had served the Air Force and Navy since the mid 1930s. Several versions of the T-28 were produced, but the early version was powered by an 800 horsepower Wright R-1300 engine, reached a top speed of 285 mph, and could climb to 29,000 feet. Later versions included performance and other modifications that made the T-28 suitable for combat operations. These "combat" models served in several foreign countries and were used by the USAF in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

The T-28 on display at Battleship Cove was used as a carrier landing qualification craft at Pensacola (FL) for many years. In 1975, the plane sustained a crack in its main wing spar after a "hard" landing on the carrier Lexington and was judged no longer fit for carrier landings.


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