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All dog tags come with two identical tags with one short chain and one long chain. They will also have a silencer of your choice. Black and White silencers are included in the cost of the tags and all other colors are $1.06 additional. 


All tags will follow the template of: 

First Name

Last Name

Battleship Cove

USS Mass BB-59


If you would like a different customization of your dog tags please add into the nots of your order with what you would like in each of the lines. The customization must follow the criteria of no more than 15 characters per each line, we cannot print medical information or social security numbers. 

Custom Dog Tags

  • All dog tag purchases are final. There will be no refund for errors in tags. We will print what is entered into the form on the dog tag.

  • All dog tags will be printed based off of what was entered on the form. If there is an error on the dog tag and it is due to incorrect information that was entered by the customer then a replacement set of dog tags will need to be purchased. 

    If there is an error due to a typing error by the staff we will make the necessary changes and replacement for you based off of the original order. If you have questions about your dog tag order please contact 5086781100 for assistance. 

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